Driving across Montana

LOCATION:  Three Forks, Montana, in south central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Camp Three Forks.  Full-hooks.  Commercial RV park.  Fairly close together but there are trees and grass.  A log of big rigs.  Picnic table, but no firepit.  Central patio area with public grills.  Good bathrooms.  Poor wifi.  At $52/night, it is too expensive.  4 stars out of 5.
WEATHER:  Pleasant.  High 83.  Low tonight 49! 
DRIVE:  6.5 hours

While we were still at the Harvest Host winery this morning,  I used their wifi to catch up with the world.  Our winter place in South Texas is getting hit with Hurricane Hanna.  They have had 17+ inches of rain.  There is a lot of flooding.  Sewer drains are blocked.  It is a real mess.  About 25% of the residents stay there year-’round, so they have been posting photos and updates about the storm.  One of our friends told us he has 2 inches of water in his house.  Another friend checked our house and said we are dry. 

We got a pretty early start (after Sunday morning grits and eggs) and drove all day today from eastern to central Montana on I-94, which is also the Lewis and Clark Trail.  It follows the Yellowstone River.  There were a lot of RVs traveling today.  We saw 3 other Airstreams, and merrily flicked our headlights at each other, an Airstream tradition. 

We stopped for lunch at a rest area.  After seeing this sign, we stayed on the sidewalks! 

While eating a picnic, we spotted our first snow-covered mountain tops.  It is interesting to see how the geography changes as you head west.

At the rest area, we saw thousands of grasshoppers.  They must be what is pelting the windshield and Joy’s front guards. 

We arrived at Three Forks at about 4:00,  got settled in our campsite and rested…..being on the Interstate for the entire day is tiring!

DINNER:  To prepare for this trip, I filled up a big plastic bin with canned goods to use as my “pantry”.  Tonight I pulled out a can of corned beef hash.  I added it to sauteed peppers and onions, and diced leftover steak.  It wasn’t the greatest, but it was ok.  “Interesting” as they politely say in Minnesota. 

We have good TV reception  here, so watched some travel and cooking shows on PBS. 

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