In Cowboy Country!

LOCATION:  Miles City, Montana – in southeast part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site – Tongue River Winery.  Gravel parking lot surrounded by grapes and fruit trees.  Six other RVs pulled in – looks like an RV park!  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Summery.  High 91.  Cool at night
DRIVE:  3 hours

We took our time around Wibaux since we didn’t want to get to the winery too early.  I took a walk around town.  Pretty quiet, although one of the bars must open for breakfast, as there was a little rush.  We said goodbye to this great Harvest Host site -so lucky to hit it when there was a live band concert last night.

We took the backroads rather than the Interstate.  There was only one town between Wibaux and MIles City.  The sign as we left that town kindly announced that gas was not available for 90 miles.  We were set today, though! 

We drove through desolate cowboy-looking territory with a lot of mesas and buttes.  Hardly any people.  I did see one very big coyote alongside the road. 

We arrived in Miles City, picked up some fresh fruit and veg, and found the winery.  This town claims to be the “Cowboy Capital of the World”, but so does Bandera, Texas where we spent our first night on the road. Wonder which one really is? This town is famous for its bronco round-up/sale each year. Sadly, it was canceled this year.

Two other Harvest Host RVers were already at the winery, tasting wine.  We got parked, and joined them for tasting.  The winery offers about 25 different wines, including both fruit wines and grape wines.  We skipped all the sweet ones, and found 2-3 we liked.  Since it was still hot, we bought a bottle and sat in the air-conditioned tasting room chatting with the owners.  (Very liberal former Minnesotans – went to Macalester College).  We talked politics!

This photo was taken in front of their winery.  The owner told us that this phenomenon (rain and sun) happens frequently here.

Right behind Joy is a pasture with some horses that keep an eye on us….

We walked around some of the vineyards and George picked a few cherries…

More and more RVs kept pulling in.  There are now 7 Harvest Host groups here – more than we have ever experienced. 

DINNER:  Surf and turf, Asian-style……I sauted some shrimp and weiners along with some veg and made an Asian stir-fry.  Served over ramen noodles.  Quite tasty.  Surprise, surprise!

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