Western Ho – Even almost running out of gas (again). Free night at a brewery with a live band!

LOCATION:  Wibaux, Montana – far eastern border of state. 
CAMPGROUND:   Another Harvest Host site.  Beaver Creek Brewery.  In their graveled parking lot.  2nd time we have been here.  Just off I-94.  5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  High 91, but thankfully cooled off in the evening
DRIVE:   7 hours

We pretty much drove the entire width of North Dakota today, starting at Lake Ashtabula in the east.  We wanted to leave the campground before the weekenders arrived.  A group of 6 Hmong families from Minneapolis drove all night and arrived about 6:00 AM, with plans to fish all weekend.  They do this every weekend in the summer, they told us.

We started the trip by going due west, instead of going south first to pick up the Interstate.  There is water everywhere – wet fields plus marshland.  North Dakota has one of the largest water fowl populations in the country. 

There are huge grain fields with train cars filling up.  We saw this freight train that had derailed….

We picked up a “scenic byway” to stay off the Interstate, stopping for a picnic lunch at a nice reservoir/dam.

Our gas was getting a bit low, so we got back on the Interstate to find a gas station.  Oh no!  All of the exits have signs sayng “No services”.  Our Garmin said the nearest gas station was 40 miles.  I couldn’t enjoy the scenery as I was so afraid we would run out of gas.  We limped into the station.  George put 23.9 gallons in…..the tank holds 24! 

We stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Visitor Center.  We have stayed there twice before, so we will skip it this time (the campground is closed due to Covid-19).  I did get a photo of some of the dramatic scenery from the Visitor Center outlook….

We arrived in tiny Wibaux, and got settled in the brewery’s parking lot.   We are the only Harvest Host campers, but there are brewery patrons’ cars in the lot with us.  (Lots of pick-ups).  Walking around town, we counted 5 bars, all doing a brisk business.  Nothing much else. 

We had dinner reservations for 7:00, but we we went in to the brewery to cool off early.  Cowboy George dressed for the occasion….

Then, at 7:00, we crossed over to the restaurant/theatre side of the building – actually 2 buildings joined together – for dinner.  Isn’t this a cute way to show the table reservations?

George had their prime rib special.  He said it was excellent.  I had a Caesar salad.  They are famous for their pizzas, but we are “pizzad-out”. 

What used to be a theatre stage is now used as a stage for bands.  The band set up right in front of us..

They started playing at 8:00, and were very good.  The couple next to us drove 240 miles roundtrip to listen to them and to eat some pizza, they told us.  Like Texas, people in Montana think nothing of driving long distances.

We stayed until the end of the show, 11:00 PM, and then walked the few steps to Joy.  So convenient!  Thankfully, everyone cleared out of the parking lot quickly so it was quiet during the night.  The temperature had dropped from about 90 to 60, so we opened up our windows and slept comfortably. 

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