Minnesota – land of corn and lakes!

CAMPGROUND:  Not a campground, but a beautiful lake-side home of a friend
LOCATION:   Battle Lake, Minnesota – in NW part of state
WEATHER:  Very pleasant.  High 80
DRIVE:  6 hours

A note to our Rochester friends…..we are sorry that we did not get together with many of you while we were there.  I was busy with Mayo Clinic appointments, then surgery.  (All went well!)  That plus Covid-19 did not make for many party get-togethers.  Next time we are through Rochester, we will be certain to reach out to good friends!

I went to Mayo Clinic for an early AM follow-up appointment this morning.  They do an excellent job screening for Covid 19.  I sure don’t know how Mike Pence didn’t know masks are required as these signs are everywhere, and you cannot even get into the door without lots of screening and without a mask on. 

Our route today took us from SE Minnesota to the NW part of the state.  We took secondary roads rather than taking the Interstate to avoid driving through Minneapolis and to stay away from big trucks and bumpy highways..The Interstates are in terrible condition.  We drove by field after field of tall corn.  I don’t think I have ever seen so much corn in my life!  Then, in the last hour of driving, we started seeing lake after lake – some of Minnesota’s 10,000 finest!

This part of the state is just beautiful.  My friend lives right on a lake.  After getting settled in on their driveway, we took a pontoon ride  (accompanied by a glass of wine) to look at the beautiful lake and the houses around it.

We saw some loons frolicking in the water.

In the evening, we drove into the town of Battle Lake and ate dinner in a really nice bistro.  We sat in their back patio area.  George and I shared a walleye taco (walleye is big here in northern Minnesota) and a salad.  Very nice

Joy was happy to be parked in their driveway, and we were happy to be with friends for a lovely visit.

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