Back to Rochester…

LOCATION: Bryon, Minnesota – a “suburb” of Rochester in SE part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Park/Zollman Zoo.  It is a small (30-site) county park.  Nice gravel/paved sites with a stand-up firepit and picnic table.  Electricity at sites, and common area for water and dump station.  Very nice bathrooms.  Woodsy.  $30/night.  5 stars out of 5.  Only downside is zero cell service and TV.  No big deal. 
WEATHER:  Superb.  High 80.  Cool morning and evening
DRIVE:  1 hour

We hung out in Nelson in the morning, and I took another walk around town.  I watched a bunch of neighbors helping a guy build a garage.  Such a homey feel around here.   A corn-on-the-cob pick up truck set up shop next to the blueberry truck.  That was the biggest excitement I saw.

We took a very winding, hilly, and pretty route back to Rochester, stopping for a picnic lunch along the way.  We are seeing a lot of nature…..An entire family of raccoons ran into the road in front of us.  The 6 or so babies were so cute.  Thankfully, they scrambled back into the woods before we ran over them.  We also saw several sandhill cranes which are common in this area.  True confession:  I did not take this photo, but this is what they really do look like.

We thought we would check out this different campground for our Rochester visits.  We are only about 8 miles from town.  We really like it.  Quieter and cheaper than the commercial one in Rochester.  Next trip, we will probably stay here the whole time.  Our daughter Alexis and her boyfriend Graham came out to see us.  He is the one who designed our new Joy logo, and Alexis updated the blog with the new logo.  We told them how happy we are with the finished products.

We joined them for dinner back in Rochester at Twigs Restaurant.  They have an unusual, and delicious menu.  One of their popular items is a “hot rock” dinner.  You  choose some sort of meat (beef, chicken, seafood) and it comes raw with your choice of sauces.  They bring an extremely hot rock to the table and you “cook” your meat on the rock. 

DINNER:  We shared some veggie ravioli as an appetizer.  Graham ordered a delicious-looking onion burger.  Alexis had a Mexican “bowl” full of veg.  We shared a scallop “hot rock” dinner.  Besides the plump scallops, it came with onions and mushrooms to cook on the rock, and a side of asparagus mashed potatoes.   All was very tasty.

We stopped by their apartment on the way back to pick up some CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture farmshare from a nearby small farm) veg that they had for us.  Now our refrig is stuffed with cabbage, lettuce, peppers, peas, and onions.  Gotta get cookin’! 

It was a beautiful evening.  There are only about 5 RVs in the campground.  Several had campfires going.  This is why we prefer campgrounds over RV parks…

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