Enjoying Nelson, Wisconsin to its fullest! Uff-da!

LOCATION:  Nelson, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Nelson’s Landing RV Park
WEATHER:  “UFF-DA” – Quote from the weatherman when he predicted today’s 94 high temps.  We are definitely in Wisconsin!!!

I took a walk around sweet Nelson before it got too hot.  Population 350, it reminds me a bit of the town where I grew up.  It still has a 1950s feel.  As I walked around the residential section, I watched people tending their vegetable gardens (looking very healthy!) and saw youngsters riding their bikes around, accompanied by their mothers pushing baby strollers. 

Suddenly, a group of about 20 cars came up behind me, honking and waving their arms.  It was a rolling birthday party for someone down the street.  The cars were decorated with balloons and signs.  I waved at the cars; the people happily waved and tooted back, with grins from ear to ear on their faces.  It was so sweet!

I know the USA gets a bad rap for its Covid-19 behaviors.  However, so far on this trip, we have found people to be extremely compliant with mask-wearing, social-distancing, and staying outside.  Most restaurants only serve on outdoor patios.  We, along with 99% of others, wear masks.  This drive- by birthday party was another way to stay safe, while showing a lot of love. Even the animals in one of the town’s biker bars are compliant!

The town gets most of it revenue, I think, from tourists driving on the Great River Road, which goes right through town.  There are always a lot of  bikers drinking beer and/or munching on ice cream cones (sometimes both simultaneously!) 

And, in the winter, it is a popular snowmobile destination.

In addition to the 5 bars downtown along the highway, there are 2 fireworks shops and 2 liquor stores, especially convenient for the Minnesotans.  Up until recently, Minnesota liquor stores were closed on Sundays, so these places do a lot of business.

I spotted this pick-up downtown selling fresh blueberries and vegetables.  I picked up a pint of their freshly picked berries.

Lunch was a veggie pizza back at the Nelson Creamery.  This- our 3rd visit in 2 weeks- shows how much we like this place!  It was busy selling ice cream cones, but the bistro in the back was nice and quiet.

We took a road trip around Nelson to check out its other offerings.  We stopped by this very popular winery that looks like it belongs in Italy.   We did a wine-tasting, which was a nice experience, but the wine (expensive) wasn’t all that good.

Then, on to a fish farm.  It is stocked with trout and is a fun place to catch some fish.  Called “Eat My Fish”, they clean and cook the fish for you if you would like.  It is a Harvest Host site, and we saw one RV parked their for the night.

Then, on our way home, what do we spy but a microbrewery!  We split an IPA and listened to the band for a while.  All locals inside, enjoying the day in a converted machine shed.

For dinner, we drove about 3 miles to  Nelson Stone Barn Pizza.  It is an old barn whose stone walls have remained, without a roof.  Tables are dotted around the barn’s old walls and in the field.  The pizza, from their brick oven, is paper thin and super delicious. 

It was a lovely evening, sitting outside around a cornfield. 

BOOK: Since we were so busy, it is surprising that I was able to finish up another book —  “In a Dry Season” by Peter Robinson.  I’m  reading his entire series, about a detective in the North Yorkshire (England) Dales.  I like it mostly because of the memories we have of housesitting there. 

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