Joy on the Mississippi

LOCATION:  Nelson,  Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Nelson’s Landing RV Park
WEATHER:  Another nice day.  High 83

Today’s adventures took us north on the Mississippi, about 25 miles to Red Wing (home of famous Red Wing shoes).  We passed through “popular” tourist attractions in a few tiny (population 67, 119) towns.  One town advertised a house you could visit where a boulder had fallen down on its roof.  Another town, Maidenrock, explained its name and history……A young Indian, daughter of Chief Red Wing of the Sioux tribe, was in love with a Chippewa brave. The families would not allow them to marry, so she jumped from one of the cliffs hovering above the Mississippi to her death. You can still see the barren cliffs.

This Great River Road, following the Mississippi from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, is a popular drive.  There are always a lot of motorcyclists roaring up and down the route. 

Our plan was to meet a friend whom I have known since grade school who lives outside of Minneapolis.  We met at the Red Wing Brewery for lunch….

Not an up-to-date photo?  That is what it used to look like, one of the historic buildings left in the city and where beer was actually brewed until Prohibition.  We had fantastic pizzas for lunch – ours had some Minnesota blue cheese on it – just spectacular!  It was good to chat with my friend Nancy.

Previously, we had placed an inexpensive Joy sign on the side of our Airstream, christening her with her new name.  It started disintegrating so we were looking for a more permanent replacement.  We just happened to see a sign shop next to the brewery/pizza restaurant.  We lucked out as the owner/sign-maker was in and was able to custom-make our sign in just a few minutes.  We love to support small businesses like that.  It was fun to watch the process.

Then, back to the RV park, this time on the Minnesota side of the river.   George put the Joy sign on.  I think it looks great!

We met my former work colleague and his wife in Wabasha, just right across the river from Nelson, at a brewery named Hoppy Girl.  It is a cluster of out-buildings in a beautifully restored  Bed&Breakfast&Brewery hotel.

DINNER: Feeling like we have been eating too much lately, especially meat, we had a lighter, vegan dinner.  I sauted some cauliflower, green onions, and the peppers we had grilled last night on the fire together.  To that I added this lentil sauce I had bought at Trader Joe’s.  I served it over rice.  A bit spicy (which we like) and very flavorable.  I would recommend this easy-to-make dinner.

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