Along the Great River Road

LOCATION:  Nelson, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Nelson’s Landing RV Park
WEATHER:  Really nice.  High 80.  Very cool evenings and early mornings (George wears a jacket!!!)

We continue to really enjoy this RV park – one of the nicest we have ever stayed in. We used their showers – they are the kind that are like individual suites.  All squeaky clean.  No one else seems to be using them.  And, the wifi antenna is right by our site, so we have never experienced such fast, strong internet in a campground.

Today was a trek along the Great River Road.  We drove south about 40 miles on the Wisconsin side of the river, passing through cute river towns. 

We ended in a town called Trempealeau, settled long ago by a French trader.  We found a fish shack, right on the river, for lunch.  It was kind of a dive……

Do they even make Blatz beer any more?

Speaking of beer joints, little Nelson (population 300) has 5 bars.  All seem to do quite a bit of business.  The only other business, besides the popular Nelson Creamery, is a church.  Quite typical of Wisconsin!

We sat on the patio, and watched the fishermen and barges go by. These barges are really long….

A houseboat was moored at the restaurant’s dock. 

When we were living in Rochester, MN, we rented a houseboat for a long weekend.  When we were doing the rental paperwork, the owner stressed the importance of mooring carefully, and not floating into the path of one of the huge barges that go up and down the river.  He even showed us photos of a houseboat that had literally been run over by one, in order to scare us.  That night, we tied up along the river.  In the middle of the night, George awoke to see a huge light coming in our window….we were in the path of one of those barges!  Our mooring had come loose, and we were dangerously approaching the main pathway.  Thankfully, he got us out of the way in time.

Back to today….we shared a catfish po-boy (when in Rome eat Mississippi catfish, right?) . View from our patio table….

We crossed over the Mississippi and returned on the Minnesota side.  We stopped at a roadside vegetable stand and bought freshly picked corn on the cob.  This is livin’!

Then, we visited the home of one of my former Mayo Clinic co-workers.  He recently bought a house right on the river.  We watched more barges go by in the peace and beauty of his backyard.

Back at the RV park, George got a fire going and grilled dinner.

DINNER:  Salad of charred green peppers and red onions, served with farm-fresh tomatoes.  Skirt steak we had bought at the farmers’ market – so really tasty.  And, that corn on the cob, of course!  My new way of making it is to rub the ears with butter, salt, and pepper.  Sprinkle on a bit of parmesan, then wrap in aluminum foil and bake over the fire (or in an oven).  Much better than boiling!!!

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