Social distancing on patios…..and loving it!

LOCATION:  Nelson, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Nelson’s Landing RV Park
WEATHER:  Super duper!  High 78.  Even a bit chilly in the AM!!!

We decided to cancel our St. Cloud RV Park reservation in addition to the campground near Brainerd (northern Minnesota) and just stay here for 5 nights.  It will mean a lot less hassle (not having to drive through the Twin Cities to and from).  There is a lot to do in this area, making day trips to cute river towns along the Mississippi.  And, this is a beautiful RV park, well-run, new, clean, and almost empty. 

For lunch, we drove about 5 miles to Pepin, Wisconsin.  Pepin is located on Lake Pepin, which is a lake in the middle of the Mississippi.  It was formed when the silty Chippewa River and the Mississippi merged many years ago.  A natural dam with all the silt created the lake.  It is a very popular tourist destination with a marina.  Mid-week it was nice and calm. 

We ate lunch on the patio of The Pickle Factory restaurant, overlooking the marina.  We shared a Reuben sandwich, something we haven’t had in ages. 

Back to Joy for a rest.  Boy, life is hard! 🙂

Then, a very nice surprise…..Our good friend that lives in Michigan and in St. Paul, MN was driving through the area toward Michigan.  She stopped by to say hello.  We walked 1/2 block to the Nelson Creamery from our RV park, and enjoyed a glass of wine with her on the patio.

DINNER:  Shrimp soba salad.  This is a very nice, refreshing summer salad.  You can substitute a lot of veg; I followed the recipe – corn kernels, thinly sliced English cucumber, radishes, and scallions.  Make a sauce with mirin, lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, soy sauce, lots of minced ginger, and sesame oil.  Boil and cool a few shrimp, and mix in the shrimp with the veg.  Pour a bit of the sauce over the shrimp/veg mix.  Let marinate for 1/2 hour.  Then, add the rest of the sauce and the  cold, drained, cooked Japanese soba noodles. 

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