On, Wisconsin!

LOCATION:  Nelson, Wisconsin – just across the Mississippi from Minnesota in southwest corner of state.
CAMPGROUND:  Nelson’s Landing RV Park.  New, spacious park.  Full hook-ups.  Level, gravelled site with picnic table and fire ring.  Sparkling clean/new bathrooms.  $40/night.   5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Some rain.  Beautiful temps.   High only 78!
DRIVE:  One hour from Rochester

We puttered around our final morning in Rochester, letting the rain move out before we hitched up.

We finished up the decal on the Airstream – Joy, and finalized the new logo.  Our daughter’s boyfriend worked really hard to get the logo set up using a software app called Blender.  Thanks, Graham!  We bought this inexpensive decal at Michael’s craft shop, but are looking for a better, more permanent solution.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Then, a very pleasant drive east toward Wisconsin.  They say that there are two seasons in Minnesota – winter and construction season.  The city of Rochester is all torn up with street construction with detours everywhere.  We encountered one today on our way, so we had to re-route through new-to-us byways.  We didn’t mind as we had lots of time.  We drove through lush fields of corn and beans, and huge dairy farms.

We are here in Nelson for 3 nights, a change of plans.  Originally we had planned to go “up North” to Northern Minnesota, but it seemed like a lot of miles to and from Rochester, as we have to return next week to Mayo Clinic.  We have 2 nights scheduled in St. Cloud, and are trying to cancel those, too, so we can just hang out here in Nelson until the Mayo Clinic appointment.  Would be much more leisurely. 

The RV is nestled  under a huge cliff…

The town of Nelson is tiny.  Its only real offering is the Nelson Creamery (where we went last Sunday).  We will probably go there again while we are here, for either a glass of wine or an ice cream cone!  Guess which one I will select!!!???

This photo popped up as a Facebook memory….from a housesitting assignment near Oxford, England. I encountered this elderly gentleman on a hike….

DINNER:  Leftover hamburgers on a pretzel bun.  Big salad, using the last of the lettuce that our friends in Rochester gave us from their garden.  Thanks, Lesley! 

The sun set about 9:00 PM and reflected against the cliffs.  Beautiful…

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