Farmers’ Market

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Autumn Woods RV Park
WEATHER:  Really nice.  High low 80s.  Cool at night.  Just about perfect!

We have the messiest neighbors here at the RV park.  They have been here 2 weeks and have spread their “stuff” all over their site.  Last night, it rained pretty hard and everything got soaked.  They live in a motor home (the kind you drive like a bus) and are not pulling a car.  That means that they are pretty much stuck here.  The wife goes to Mayo daily; an Uber picks her up each morning.  Today, George gave the husband a lift to WalMart to buy groceries and to pick up prescriptions.  The guy is a little strange.  He sits outside, sometimes wearing no pants.  One day he wore a dress. 

Today (Saturday) was the Farmers’ Market in Rochester.  When we lived here, we went faithfully each Saturday morning.  Today, we checked out their new venue, with more parking and vendors.  There were so many vegetables to choose from.  It was delightful.  Masks are required all over Rochester, even for outdoor activities like this.  Since we already have a refrigerator full of veg, we just bought some meat and some homemade zucchini bread.  Nice outing!

We bought our Joy decal lettering for the Airstream.  George did the honors….

This Facebook memory popped up from one year ago. We were outside Edmonton, Alberta with my aunt and uncle, visiting the area where my mother grew up. We were searching for their old house down this VERY muddy road. It was so muddy that we could not turn around, and we ended up backing up about 3 miles. What a nightmare! (Now in retrospect, it is kind of funny)

In the evening, George went to a beer club  meeting.  It is a club that he belonged to when we lived here.  Some of the folks make beer, but most are just beer lovers.  Tonight’s meeting was at a farm where the owner has a huge garden and enough bees to make 1 ton of honey!  George said that the theme tonight was mead.  (I stayed home).

DINNER:  As we are swimming in vegetables, we just had veg for dinner….also because George snacked at the beer meeting.  I made a big lettuce salad with the lettuce our former neighbors gave us.  I also made a squash casserole with the squash from our daughter’s CSA.  Easy and good recipe:  Saute sliced squash or zucchini with diced onions or scallions, and garlic or garlic scapes.  Sprinkle on Parmesan or other cheese.  Bake or microwave until cheese sets.  Top/serve with kale pesto – which I recently discovered at Trader Joe’s. 

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