A Day of Recuperation

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Autumn Woods RV Park
WEATHER:  A cold front came through with heavy rain.  High 66.  Everyone is happy!!!

Today was a rather slow day. I spent it resting after my procedure…..nothing to worry about.

Daughter Alexis had the day off so we hung out together.  We picked up lunch at Old Abe’s, a vegan restaurant.  George and I split a non-meat brat sandwich.  It had wasabi and a cucumber/onion sauce.  Quite tasty.  In this photo, George is wearing the t-shirt from the deli in Minneapolis that makes the non-meat products- “The Herbivorous Butcher”.

We have decided to extend our stay here before we go “up North”, giving us a chance to see some friends.  I am also trying to decide our route from here to Montana.  We will have about 4 days to get to the Bozeman area, so we will have some long driving days then. 

DINNER:  Soup (sorry to say, but out of a can) and salad – using some of our daughter’s CSA veg that she picked up today.  She also gave us broccoli, basil,  and scallions.  Really fresh and tasty!

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