Around Mayo Clinic

CAMPGROUND:  Autumn Woods RV Park
LOCATION:  Rochester, MN
WEATHER:  Still hot.

We did a few more things around Mayo Clinic.  Here is the entrance to the Gonda building, where many offices and procedure rooms are located.

Two Facebook memories popped up today.  This was from 6 years ago when we went to Alaska

And this one was taken a year ago when we were visiting my aunt and uncle in Grande Prairie, Alberta

We visited one of our friends, a former coworker with George.  We got a pizza and salad to go.  So nice talking with old friends.  This friend lives in a section of town behind Mayo’s St. Mary’s Hospital.  A lot of physicians live in that area, so it is referred to as “Pill Hill”.  In addition to neighborhood book stands, where people can grab books, there are some filled with canned goods rather than books.  Such a great idea….

BOOK:  I finished another Louise Penney novel – “How the Light Gets In”.  5 stars out of 5.  Really enjoy her writing.

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