Cautious with Covid

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Autumn Woods RV Park
WEATHER:  Still hot.  High 95

I had two Covid tests this morning at Mayo Clinic, in preparation for a procedure I will have done later this week.  (Nothing to be concerned about).  A swab test to see if I HAVE the virus; a blood test to see if I HAD it unknowingly. It is not surprising that they are EXTREMELY cautious about Covid.  Lots of precautions.  Mayo has had to furlough a lot of its administrative staff during the pandemic, but it was interesting to see how they have been redeployed in new temporary jobs, such as escorting patients like me from place to place, minimizing contact with others. 

The entire city is uber-cautious.  This is the most mask-compliant place we have been.  Not surprisingly, everyone wears masks all of the time.  After we had lunch out today, the City increased its caution by requiring everyone to wear masks at all times, including at restaurants.  You are supposed to leave it on while eating, just lower the mask when you take a bite or sip.  It reminds me of the covered ladies I watched eating while in Dubai.

We had lunch together at one of Rochester’s great new brewpubs.

You call ahead for reservations, and they only reserve a few tables at a time.  Customers have their table for two hours, giving staff time to deep-clean between customers. 

The food was great, and unique.  George had a very rich macaroni and cheese, topped with kimchi of all things. 

Alexis’s boyfriend had the seasonal salad – a soba noodle salad with a lot of veg…

Alexis had a big pile of French fries with the restaurant’s black garlic aioli

I had a (somewhat) boring Caesar”s salad.  No photo…

The decor of the restaurant is nice.  These are their former beer labels…

In the afternoon, I had a dentist appointment.  (So many things to check off while we are here).  They, too, were very conscientious.  The fairly large waiting room had been stripped of its cushy furniture, magazines, kids’ play area, and coffee station and was left with 5 lonely-looking hardback chairs spaced about 15 feet apart from each other.  Only a skeleton staff works daily, reducing the number of patients seen. 

With a clean bill of health (both Covid tests and dentist), we stopped by the British pub next to the neighborhood where we used to live.  This had been our hangout when we lived here.  So convenient – we could walk there from our house.  Normally at 5:00, it would have been packed, but today there were only a few customers.  Mostly take-out.

We hung out at our daughter’s apartment for a bit.  She lives in an older house that has been converted to apartments.  It is conveniently located just a few blocks from  Mayo Clinic’s Methodist Hospital campus where she works, so she can walk to /from her job. 

DINNER:  We took it easy and returned to the Airstream for a light dinner…..leftover Caesar’s salad with chicken and cheese chunks. 

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