More hiking trails

LOCATION:  Garretson, SD – outside of Sioux Falls
CAMPGROUND:  Palisades State Park
WEATHER:  Mostly cloudy.  High 86

It rained pretty hard during the night.  Some branches fell from trees – glad they did not hit Joy.  It is kind of cool lying in bed listening to a storm, cozy and safe inside. 

I don’t know where the morning went!  Exercises for George; yoga for me.  Lots of piddling around.

We drove about 20 miles to another SD state park – Big Sioux Rec Area.  We can get in free with our SD park pass, and are trying to get our money’s worth!  It is a lovely park.  If we are driving on Interstate 90 again, we just might try to camp here, as it is very conveniently located off I-90.   We ate a picnic lunch under a gazebo….smoked oysters in a spicy chili oil with crackers.  Yum!

Inside the park is an old cabin built in 1839 by a Norwegian settler.  He, his wife, and 8 children lived here.  I can’t imagine 10 people in such a small cabin.  We hiked some trails there along the river.  Very nice. 

We stopped at a library to use wifi.  It was closed (due to Covid?), but we stood outside and picked up their internet. 

Then, on to Minnesota to check out a microbrewery.    It is in the town of Luverne, about 20 miles east of here.  We drove through lush countryside – beautiful corn and soybeans.  Everything is so green and well-kept.

The microbrewery was cool.  Most of the customers were sitting outside in their huge beer garden.  A bit hot for us, we stayed inside.  I tried one of the citrusy IPAs; George had a schwartzbier.  Both very good.  The microbrewery is called Take 16, referring to Highway 16 that is sort of a northern Route 66. 

Back at the campground, George made another one of his famous fires to grill our dinner.  He is really improving in this department!  In addition to cooking our dinner, I had him grill some hamburgers for future meals.  I will be making a hamburger spaghetti sauce to freeze. 

DINNER:  Pork loin,  sweet potato, and green beans.  The pork loins were only $1 each, and each of us only ate half, so that makes for a pretty inexpensive meal!  I see leftover pork in our future…

BOOK:  “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate.  Similar to “Orphan Train”, and based on a true, sad part of our US history.  5 stars out of 5

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