Back on hiking trails!

LOCATION:  2nd night in Garretson, SD near Sioux Falls
CAMPGROUND:  Palisades State Park
WEATHER:  Mostly cloudy.  High 86

Time for a hike!  We donned tennis shoes (the first time I have worn anything but sandals in about 6 months!)  grabbed our hiking sticks, and we were off.  The park has some great trails, and it was not too hot.  (Still early AM). 

Split Rock River runs through the park.  You can see how it got its name…

We had to crawl over a lot of rocks so we got some good exercise.  The path was lined with tiger lily plants…

The trail is called the King and Queen Trail because of these rock formations…

There were some awesome views. On the weekend, we saw swimmers down below.  Today was quiet. 

After cooling off and cleaning up, we drove into Sioux Falls, about 20 miles away.  We use a mail-forwarding service based in Sioux Falls, and had arranged to pick up our June mail package, rather than having it sent out to us.  We followed their strict Covid-19 protocol.  We pulled up in the designated place in front of their building, called to announce our arrival, wore our masks, and showed our ID to the masked staff person who brought our mail packet to our car.  Very interesting.

Sioux Falls is full of brewpubs, many of which we visited last time we were here.  Now, however, many are closed.  We went to Granite City Brewery, a small chain, and it did not disappoint.  It was not too crowded and the servers wore masks.  Seemed pretty safe.  We had a nice, light lunch with some good beers.

Back at the campground, George made another one of his great fires.  He has created a new pattern laying the wood a certain way, stuffing the center with my firestarters, and paper. 

DINNER:  A nod to the Midwest:  Rib-eye steak over the campfire, baked potato wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked over the fire, sauted bok choy (OK that is not midwestern), and the last of our morels, sauted in a butter sauce.  A very nice Cabernet Sauvignon to pair it with.  Glamping! 

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