A bit of Key West in Nebraska!

LOCATION:  Near Yankton, South Dakota (but across the river in Nebraska)
CAMPGROUND:   2nd night at Nebraska Tailways Campground in Lewis and Clark Lake Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Area
WEATHER:  Quite nice.  Sunny.  High 89

We have been in the boonies for awhile, and we were looking forward to going into Yankton for wifi and supplies.  First, we found the Visitors’ Center.  It was closed, but we pulled up their so-so internet from the parking lot.  We researched, and found a microbrewery in downtown Yankton, so we headed there….

Thankfully, the microbrewery had good internet and I was able to post 3 blogs.  I caught up on emails and Facebook posts….while enjoying a nice IPA.  George liked his stout. 

We shopped at the Hy-Vee supermarket – the chain that we used while living in Minnesota.  We stocked up on perishables, which we were mostly out of….especially fruit and veg.  Back at the campground, we put away all of our groceries.  This is the view of our purchases from the inside of Joy, our Airstream.  You can see the Missouri River through the front window….

Then, we took off to explore the area.  The dam has created a 31,000 acre lake.  We drove around country roads seeing glimpses of the lake from hilltops.  Everything is green and lush.  We stopped at a bar/restaurant next to our campground…..how convenient is that?  It is called the Dam Fish Bar.  Having missed lunch, George ordered some walleye….

After placing your order, you wait until they call out your name, something like this…”George–  your dam order is ready to pick up” 

The vibe was pure Key West.  We sat outside (in the shade) and sipped gin and tonics while George ate his late lunch. 

It really felt like a beach bar, including a lot of sunburned customers

At our campsite, once it cooled down, George made a campfire and grilled our dinner.

DINNER:  Grilled rotisserie chicken.  We like to buy this, then crisp up the legs and wings over the fire.

(We cut up the chicken, and froze the breast and other big pieces, which will be used for future dinners.  I boiled up the bones and skin for chicken broth, for tomorrow morning’s grits.)  

Hy-Vee displayed some beautiful, huge red bell peppers which I couldn’t resist.  I had George char them over the fire, then I removed the black skin and sauteed them up with onions and mushrooms for a side dish.  We also shared a cob of fresh corn.  I used a recipe that I had seen that looked good.. Spread some butter, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese on the corn, then wrap in up in aluminum foil.    Cook just a few minutes.  Yes – it really was good – much better than boiling.  I imagine you could do the same thing in an oven. 

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