Toto….we aren’t in Kansas anymore!

LOCATION:  Republican City, Nebraska – in south central part of state
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  High 95
CAMPGROUND:  Hunter Grove Campground, part of Harlan Lake Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Area.  On a lake – of which we have a distant view.  Graveled sites with electricity, picnic table, and firepit.    Water and dump station nearby.  Decent bathrooms.  Mostly fishermen here.  $12/night with Senior Pass.  4 stars out of 5
DRIVE:  3 easy hours

At the Harvest Host winery (without electricity) last night, we slept with all the windows open.  It cooled down beautifully, and we actually got a little chilly! 

We awoke to a cacophony of sounds – the donkey braying, sheep bleating, pheasants honking, and the bullfrogs croaking.  Just wonderful!

The farmer/owner/winemaker came by to feed the animals.

He told us that the sheep are only a week old.  So cute…

Our drive today was due north out of Kansas and into Nebraska, through farmland.  We are starting to see more corn now.  We passed a prison center out in the middle of nowhere.  There was a highway sign saying “Hitchhikers may be escaping prisoners”.  We didn’t see any, so weren’t tempted to pick up anyone. 

Harlan Lake is a huge recreation center.  There are 6 different campgrounds around the lake – several  ACOE ones plus two private ones with marinas.  Since we are here mid-week, it is nice and quiet.  I imagine it will fill up with boaters this weekend. 

Republican City is our nearest town.  We drove around the lake and in to the town.

We thought this is ironic….with a name like Republican City – our TV reception is limited….no FOX but 4,  count them 4,  PBS stations!!

We found a nice beach and swam a bit.  We stopped at a marina to see about renting a pontoon.  We hope to do that tomorrow.

DINNER:  George made a campfire and grilled some shrimp and sausage. I added the shrimp and sausage to some yellow rice to make a kind of gumbo.    Side was peas. 

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