From Nebraska’s “coast” to “coast”

From Nebraska’s “coast” to “coast”

LOCATION:  Near Yankton, South Dakota, but on the Nebraska side of the Missouri River
CAMPGROUND:  Nebraska Tailwaters Army Corps of Engineers Campground, part of the Lewis and Clark Lake on the Missouri River. Waterfront.   50-amp.  Paved, level sites with lots of nice shade.   Water and dump station.  Excellent bathrooms.  $8/night with senior pass!  5 stars out of 5.
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  High 88
DRIVE:  6 steady hours

We left Lake Harlan, on Nebraska’s far south border shared with Kansas, and drove due north.  We were mostly on secondary roads, many of which were quite bumpy.  We had 30 miles to endure on Interstate 80.  I thought in the middle of Nebraska that the traffic wouldn’t be too bad, but I was quite wrong.  Lots of semi-trucks, huge RVs, and cars, all going about 80 mph.  It was a relief to get off again.

The landscape is changing – green fields of corn and soybeans.  Rolling hills, huge farms, and smelly feedlots. 

We drove through the town where Johnny Carson grew up, and drove on Johnny Carson Boulevard!

The drive was about the longest we have had on this trip.  We cut through the entire state of Nebraska, as we are now on Nebraska’s northern border with South Dakota border ….We can see it directly in front of us, from our campsite right on the Missouri River. 

This Facebook memory photo popped up today from one year ago.  We were traveling with our Nova Scotia camping buddies.  This was taken in Grasslands National Park where we had “cowboy coffee” with the rangers.  We had planned to travel with these friends this year again, but alas, the pandemic shut down those plans.

DINNER:  Ramen.  I used a package of instant ramen noodles and jazzed it up with big chunks of chicken thighs, canned vegetables (as my fresh supply has run out),  ginger, sesame oil, onions, and mushrooms.  Quite good, and super easy!

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