A Day on the Lake!

LOCATION:  2nd night at Republican City, Nebraska
CAMPGROUND:  Hunter Grove Campground in Lake Harlan Army Corps of Engineers Rec Area
WEATHER:  Windy.  High 90

We heard lots of our fishermen neighbors get up early to get on the lake.  We dawdled around, then went to a marina to rent a pontoon for the afternoon.   George got a Nebraska one-day fishing license so he could fish.  I packed a picnic lunch and some snacks.  Off we went!

We had the lake practically to ourselves.  Again, it will get crazy busy this weekend.  We puttered around on the lake, stopping at different spots to fish…

Pretty quiet in the fishing department.  Then….he caught something……a stick!

The wind made fishing conditions less than perfect, but the breeze felt good on our hot bodies.  Thankfully, we had an awning on the pontoon to shade us.  When we got really hot, we climbed down the ladder into the lake.  Aaahhh….

Finally, he caught a fish – a drum.  That will be dinner! 

I steered the boat while he continued to fish.  He “caught” a rock.  After untangling, we called it a day. 

Back at the campground, George cleaned the fish in the super nice fish-cleaning station.  I’m afraid the remaining fish filet was pretty tiny.

DINNER:  I rolled the fish in a flour/mashed saltine/pepper mix and George fried it in the iron skillet over the campfire.  Since there wasn’t much fish, I warmed up last night’s leftover rice and added onion and mushrooms to it, as a side.  The fish had a very good flavor.

BOOK:  “The Big, Bad Wolf” by James Patterson.  This was a book I picked up somewhere, while waiting on a good e-book to become available.  FBI agent going after a bad guy.  3 stars out of 5.

A nice day on the lake!

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