Quiet day on the lake..

LOCATION:  Lake Canton, Oklahoma
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at Canadian Campground; Lake Canton ACOE
WEATHER:  A bit cooler.  Mostly sunny.  High 89

We dodged the bullet with last night’s storm.  Our neighbors, who had driven home late last night, returned to pick up their camper.  They said just a few miles from here were severe storms, 60 mph and some tornado spouts.  George put the awnings back out this morning….

After some walks around the campground and a yoga session, we got ourselves ready to go exploring.  We drove to a town about 20 miles away in search of wifi.  No restaurants or coffee shops in this sad little town.  We were starting to give up when I spotted a Library sign among all of the boarded-up downtown buildings.

We just love small town libraries.  Typical of today, we were the only customers.  We, along with the librarian, all had our masks donned.  She was thrilled to have visitors.  She and George chatted up a storm (both craving conversation, I think) while I did internet stuff.

On our drive back,  we drove by a lot of wind generator farms.  We took this artsy-fartsy photo contrasting an old wind mill with today’s version.

Then we stopped at the Native American casino, the most prosperous business around here.  They had donated most of the monetary prizes at the fishing tournament.  The Covid-19 precautions were pretty amazing.  Only one entrance was being used, and that was manned by a guard.  She instructed us to wear our face masks at all times, and had us use the hand sanitizer foam.  Then, she took our temperatures.  Having passed that test, we were given wristbands showing we are healthy.  I watched the staff members busily cleaning all the slot machines non-stop.

We had vague ideas of eating at the casino, but it was mostly Indian fry bread.  We tried that once in New Mexico – a kind of thick tortilla deep-fried and dripping with grease.  Not our cup of tea, so we passed.

We just can’t get over the difference between today’s quiet and the craziness of the weekend.  We had spotted a nice-looking swimming beach on Sunday, but it was packed with people.  Today, we went and had the cove to ourselves!

This is the view from our campground of the dam and lake.  Yesterday, it was wall-to-wall boats.  Today, calm….

DINNER:  Leftover green chili stew (from our freezer in Retama).  Lettuce and tomato salad on the side. 

We have electricity here, but poor TV reception, so we have been watching DVDs in the evening.  Tonight’s was the biography of Howard Hughes

BOOK:  I finished “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It was popular about 10 years ago, and they made a movie with it.  It is a true story of a divorced, depressed woman who spends a year in Italy (eating), India (praying), and in Indonesia (loving).  4 stars out of 5. 

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