Avoiding the hail; Enjoying a brewpub

LOCATION:  Wichita Falls, Texas – in north central part of State
WEATHER:  A mix.  AM sun.  Very dark clouds in the PM.  Rain in the evening.  Nearby hail.  Clouds looked like a tornado on the horizon.  Bad storms with hail around us. High 96
CAMPGROUND:  Wichita Falls RV Park.  Full hook-ups on cement slabs.  Pull-thru sites.  Cable TV.  Picnic table.  Swimming Pool.  (The “whole enchilada” as the receptionist called it).  However, the enchilada was missing bathrooms – closed for Covid 19.  $45/night.  4 stars out of 5
DRIVE:  An easy 4 hours

We took our time in the morning at Abilene State Park.  George piddled around with the pick-up while I did a yoga class watching a DVD.  (This Airstream yoga studio is a bit tight!)

Now that George is “older”, I am doing most of the driving.  We were on 4-lane secondary roads all of today, so it was a nice drive.  The scenery changed a bit – more hay, wheat, and cotton fields. 

As soon as we got set up, we took a cooling dip in the swimming pool.  Aaagghh….

Since the bathrooms are closed here, we took an outdoor shower to wash off the chlorine…

This is the last stop before we arrive in Rochester, MN that is a metro area.  From here to there, we will be mostly in the boonies – at Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds.  So, we were excited to take advantage of restaurants and brewpubs in Wichita Falls.  We were disappointed to find out that nothing is walkable here.  Since we didn’t unhook, we took a Lyft to a brewpub we found online.

The Lyft procedure was pretty interesting…..When we booked the ride, we received instructions to wear masks and to bring sanitizing wipes.  The driver wore a mask,  and asked us to wipe down our hands before and after the ride.  He also wiped down our seats after we got out.  We felt pretty safe.

Half Pint Brewpub and Restoration Hall was fun.  It is one of those old warehouse-type buildings with old brick walls that have been restored.

We had beers (George a stout and I had an IPA).  It was a bit overly air-conditioned, so George bought a hoodie and donned it..

We shared a charcuterie platter and an order of bruschetta

All very tasty.  Excellent service.  Not very crowded, and since the room was cavernous, we felt like we kept social-distanced…

The brewpub is in downtown, which has seen better days. 

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