Checking off the to-do list

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Get out the jackets!  High only 93!  Lower humidity

Today was another busy day getting ready.  George loaded the back of the pick-up.  It has a cover on it that locks, so it is wonderful to be able to store/haul things back there – grills, screen room, chairs, campfire wood, broom, tire compressor, and who knows what else he puts back there….

While he was working outside, I did a lot of kitchen prep work.  I cooked a bunch of vegetables so that they will last longer.  There is not a lot of room to store fresh fruit and vegetables in Joy (the Airstream).  I made up some lunches so that we will be ready for road-side picnics.  Since Joy’s refrigerator is humming along, I transferred a lot of food out of the house refrigerator.  I also stocked Joy’s  wine cellar, aka the shower. 

Speaking of the refrigerator…..George bought a fan that goes into the back of a computer.  He placed it next to the refrigerator fan so that we now have a second fan to give the refrigerator a boost. (It is the round fan with the LED light in it.) While we are parked, he props open the cover to help with air circulation.   It needs all the help it can get when we travel in hot temps..

I use the back seat of the pick-up as a storage area.  We have one “pantry” box that has a lot of canned goods in it.  I also store cleaning products, detergent, etc there.  With a sudden brainstorm, I used this wine carrier to organize the cleaning products so that they don’t fall over.  I guess I need to buy some more wine for more storage cartons!  🙂

We ran more last-minute errands…..The City of Mission offers a “vacation-mode” service.  If you are going to be away for at least 3 months, you can get your utility bill (water, sewer, garbage) reduced by half.  We signed up for that at the City office.  Then, we dropped off our house key with a friend so that he can check on the house once in a while.  Check, check, check off the to-do list!

DINNER:  Lentil curry with naan.  Side were yogurt and sauteed kale.  Nice and different.  

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