The countdown continues…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Not as hot and less humid.  High 97

While the morning was still cool (a delicious 69!), we did some yard work.  With his new hedge clippers, George trimmed the neighbor’s bougainvillea next to our house.  (With their permission).  It really grows quickly and is right up next to our house, preventing the landscaping men from being able to mow there.  It was a prickly job.

While he had one of his new toys at hand, George also trimmed our flowers.  The landscaping crew does major trimming twice a year, but this will help neaten it up until then.

Other than Sunday breakfast, I normally just grab a piece of fruit on my way to yoga class.  George likes to cook breakfasts for himself (and for us on Sundays).  His assignment today was to use up the last of the blueberry pancake syrup.  So, he made some French toast (with the one piece of remaining bread), served it with the syrup, and topped with fresh blueberries.  He was very proud of it – and it did look very gourmet!

This Facebook photo popped up from our trip to Australia, where we did about 6 housesitting assignments over the course of about 5 months.  Between assignments, we visited the southern coast.  Since it was June, it was their winter, and it was very brisk!

We were busy bees all day long, loading Joy (the Airstream) and getting things organized – I LOVE it!!

The day was topped off by a Zoom call from our daughter in Minnesota.  We talked about the gift box from the Irish aguaculture farm.  Nice!

DINNER:  Kielbasa sausage with Texas jalapeno – what a novel (and delicious) combination!  The side dishes were even better.  I was watching Chef Emeril the other day and he gave his recipe for what he says is the best potato salad ever.  So, I looked it up and copied it (although I cheated and used commercial mayonnaise instead of making my own.)  It differs from regular potato salad as it is just cooked potatoes, lots of garlic, mayonnaise, and an entire bunch of cilantro.  We get spoiled here with cheap (30 cents a bunch) and fresh cilantro.  The other side dish was a broccoli dish.  I read somewhere  that this is the very best way to cook fresh broccoli.  I just put it in a pyrex dish, drizzled it with olive oil, sprinkled on quite a bit of garlic and parmesan, stirred, and baked.  Yum! 

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