117 Heat Index!

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Retama Village in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: HOT. Sunny. High 100. Heat index of 117!

Another beastly hot day.  Even with a  heat index of 117, the Mexican laborers worked hard all afternoon digging trenches to lay the plumbing on the new house going up behind us.  Incredible.  I must stop complaining about the heat.  I am self-centered.

With the heat, we mostly just sat inside and read.  Our day was punctuated with one blip of excitement….we realized that our Facebook accounts had been hacked and we hurriedly rushed to change passwords, notify friends, etc.  That got the heart rate up a bit.

This Facebook memory popped up today from 10 years ago….work life.  The photo was taken at a professional conference. (I am the one with the lime green jacket).    It made me remember the days of makeup, panty hose, business suits, permed and dyed hair, high heels, and stress.  Gone, gone, gone!!!

DINNER:  Mahi mahi filets.  Side was soba noodles with sugar snap peas in a seafood broth.  We paired it with one of the white wines that we got through our new wine club.  Very gourmet! 

BOOK:  “The Beautiful Mystery” by Louise Penny.  I have read several of her books that take place in Quebec.  She is an excellent writer.  5 stars out of 5.  (The fictitious area where her books take place is one of the places we had planned to visit this summer……)

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