Soon we will be traveling with “Joy”

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  HOT HOT HOT.  High 100.  Full sun.  Heat index – 115!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was really, really hot today.  The swimming pool is closed Monday mornings for cleaning, so we have to have our classes at mid-day, when it is the hottest, of course.  It was just miserable today.  The water was tepid, not cool.  One lady went home early feeling ill.    I think I had a bit of heat-stroke, as I felt bad all over and felt like I was going to throw up.  (TMI?)  Once I got home,  I saw the Mexican workmen putting in the plumbing at the house behind us.  Who am I to complain when they have to do such hard work in the glaring sun and heat?

News flash!    

For years, I have been trying to think of a name for our Airstream.  Almost every Airstream owner names theirs – names like Silver Bullet, Tin Can, Sophie, etc.  Our good friends from Nova Scotia, Tony and Jenny, came up with the cleverest name for their cute RPod trailer – TaJ (T for Tony and J for Jenny).  The full name is Taj-Me-Haul.   I cannot compete with that, but came up with  “Joy”.   Our motto will be “Traveling with Joy”.  Of course, that has a double entendre – as we travel the roads and the world with joy in our hearts.  A third, private meaning is a tribute to my mother, whose name was Joy.  Note the banner on the top of the blog post today (compliments of technical daughter Alexis).  We will have to get decal letters to put on the Airstream’s front window, and perhaps some decor with the name Joy.  More to follow!

A friend from Arizona posted this cute photo today on Facebook.  So true – both in Arizona and here in south Texas.  I can take a long, hot shower using the cold water tap! 

Our neighbors stopped by to show us their new baby chihuahua.  Five weeks old.  This replaces one that died a few weeks ago. 

DINNER:  Red and black beans with rice.  I added bits of leftover sausage and chicken and lots of Mexican spices.  Side was creamy broccoli.  Working on downsizing that  freezer…..

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