13th Sunday?

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Miserably hot.  100.  Full sun

If I have counted correctly, this is the 13th Sunday we have been in this quarantine.  Granted, we have not been locked into our house or neighborhood, and are starting to venture out.  But still…13 weeks is a long time!  My outlook is better now that we have some departure plans.

We did our normal Sunday morning ritual….we watched “CBS Sunday Morning” while eating George’s grits and eggs.  The TV program had one story about how people around the world view the USA now.  It was really heartbreaking – I almost cried.  Most countries think that America has lost its way and that we are no longer a world leader. 

We got into a cleaning fit and did things like clean the blades of the ceiling fans and vacummed the baseboards.  Why not?

In the quiet afternoon as we were reading, there was an extremely loud pop – like a gunshot.  We jumped up to see what it was.  We couldn’t find anything, but think it must have been another crack in a floor tile.

I spent some time making campfire starters.  We have been saving toilet paper rolls whenever we are here, and I collect clothes dryer lint from the dryers in our clubhouse.  I stuff the lint into the rolls and dab a bit of Vaseline inside.  I now have a big box for us to use this summer. 

Also, George has been collecting scrap wood at the construction sites in the neighborhood for campfires.  We cannot transport wood with bark, but this construction wood is permitted.  We are all set!

DINNER:  I had grilled chicken from yesterday’s grilling plus some capers and mozarella to use up, so I googled the ingredients to find a recipe.  Voila!  I made a roux, then added chicken broth, cream, white wine, and lemon juice to make a sauce.  To that I added the chicken thighs, capers, and cheese.  It turned out quite well.  Side was sugar snap peas.

BOOK:  “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celesete Ng.  This is a popular book, and I think it is on the best-seller lists.  It was also made into a TV mini-series.  The main star of the book is the true backdrop – Shaker Heights, Ohio – a utopian, planned community.  The plot is about a “perfect” family living there and some new people that move in.  I wasn’t as thrilled with the book as I thought I would be.  3 stars out of 5.

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