LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Overcast.  High 90

Our neighbor in front of us has a dog, an Australian sheep dog I believe, that barks a lot.  (We secretly call him Bob Barker).  This morning he woke us up with unusually lively barking.  We got up to see what was going on.  Border Patrol trucks were parked right in front of our house and all up and down the street.

We watched the Border Patrol guide 8 undocumented immigrants along the fence, in back of Bob Barker’s house.  We learned what had happened…..Bob Barker’s owner took  him out to pee and Bob went berserk.  The owner looked up and saw the 8 men.  He called Border Patrol and started chasing them.  They raced up and down the street, and at one point, hid under another neighbor’s motor home. Motor home below….

Border Patrol came quickly and caught them.  The immigrants were all wearing black shirts and pants, which is normal.  It helps them camouflage.  I hear that the poor souls arrive bedraggled, all scratched up from the thorny brush, and covered with ticks and mosquito bites.  It is such a sad situation. 

When it was over, Bob Barker was pronounced the hero of the day.

Another big excitement of the day was a visit to the beauty shop for me.  I haven’t had a haircut in about 4 months.  I needed a cut badly, and hoped the hairdresser could repair George’s scalping of my bangs.

It was a very interesting process.  I was instructed to call from the parking lot upon my arrival.  The hairdresser came out and waved me in.  She locked us in, to prevent people from wandering in off the street.  There was just one other customer, far away in a fairly large beauty shop.  They stagger the appointments.  My hairdresser wore a shield, and I wore my mask.  As she cut, cut, cut, the hair started floating into my mask.  It was really itchy and hot. To keep things more sanitary, the hairdresser did not put a cape on me, so my shirt was covered with hair.  It was pretty miserable.  Once I got outside, I went into a sneezing fit.  The haircut was good, super short, to last me a while.

Another Facebook memory popped up from 5 years ago.  While we were housesitting in Northern California, we went to a popular brewery – Russian River Brewery.  They had cute coasters….

DINNER:  Spaghetti meat sauce over grits souffle.  Side was broccoli.  A great way to use leftover grits from Sunday breakfast. 

BOOK:  “The Lost Girls of Paris” by Pam Jenof.  This book, historical fiction, traces the lives of British women who served as spies during WWII.  4 stars out of 5

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