Shrimp boil!

LOCATION:  Our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Overcast.  Spotty rain.  High 85

While we sipped our coffee on the driveway this morning, a Border Patrol helicopter went round and round above us.  They must have spotted some illegals.  When they see someone from the air, they radio to their counterparts on the ground who round up the illegals by truck, horseback, or bicycle.  I can’t imagine the billions of dollars our government is spending on this. 

I spent several hours reserving campgrounds and RV parks for our trip this summer.  Usually we do not like to reserve ahead of time, but this year we are thinking that it is necessary.   I  made reservations for almost every night from mid-June to late-August.  The first two weeks will be a slow trip from our house here in South Texas to southern Minnesota.  I have booked one commercial park, one state park, and three Army Corps of Engineers parks for that leg of the trip so far.  I also booked three RV parks in Montana for August. 

This Facebook memory popped up today from one year ago.  We were at the Airstream Rally called Aluminapalooza at its factory in central Ohio.  Here I am showing off my new flamingo purse.  Flamingos are a symbol of Airstreamers.  After the Aluminapalooza rally, we headed to Winnipeg where we joined our Nova Scotia friends for a summer of RVing in central Canada. 

The highlight of the day was joining our friends for a shrimp boil under their new covered patio.  We were the 4 couples who have reservations for the Canal du Midi boat trip in southern France in early October.  We kept our 6-feet social distance and ate outside with plenty of fresh air and space between us.

Besides enjoying the food, we discussed our plans.  It was decided that we will try to get the boat company to postpone our trip until September 2021.  If our flight does not get cancelled, and if Europe will allow us in, George and I will probably keep our flight and do some housesitting assignments in Italy or Spain.  We will just wait and see.

DINNER:  We have never had a shrimp boil before, but it is similar to a Louisiana crawfish boil or the fish boil done in northern Wisconsin.  A big pot of hot water with seafood seasoning was used to cook the shrimp, corn-on-the-cob, and small potatoes.  We each ate it from big cake pans on our laps so we wouldn’t  have to sit at tables.  We lucked out with the weather – the rain held off and it cooled down. A lovely evening!

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