Another project completed

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot and sunny.  High 98

I did a yoga class using Zoom.  It was good, except the instructor’s dog yapped the entire time in the background….hard to get into the zen with that noise going on!

Then, 2 classes of water aerobics.  We rotate CDs/routines.  Today’s was the more strenuous one.  I always feel virtuous when that one is over  🙂

Our neighbor caught their 11th opposum last night.  “Trapper Man”, our helpful animal rescue man,  took it out of its trap and relocated it far away.  More rattlesnakes have been found, and a lot of huge tarantulas have been spotted.  If that is not enough, now we have gigantic cane toads.  Their skin has a toxin on it and if a dog licks it, dead or alive, the dog could die.

Another Facebook memory popped up today – this one from 2 years ago when we were house-sitting in Bordeaux.  We drove around in the country, getting quite lost, looking for this castle which we finally found.  It was the home of Josephine Baker, the famous burlesque dancer/singer.  The day was capped off with the most scrumptious lunch ever.  We stumbled upon a modest restaurant where they served us seared fois gras in tagliatelle in a morel sauce.  Out of this world!!!

George finished his project of the enclosure for the unsightly utility box.   He stained the wood and it looks quite nice. 

George got the wood free, from a friend redoing his fence.  We invited that couple over for cocktail and to show them the finished product.   They are fun. 

DINNER:  Chicken chimichangas.  I made this recipe a few weeks ago with fajita meat, and this time switched it out with chicken.  Very good.  They are baked, not fried, so not so sinful.

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