Trying to Get Fit!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot, hot – 100 and sunny

We moved our outdoor seating to the front of the house so we can enjoy morning coffee (and so I won’t run over the chairs with the truck!)  I moved the basil and mint so they wouldn’t get so much afternoon sun – they add some color to the front, too.

I was feeling energetic today —  I did a chair yoga class followed by THREE water aerobics classes!  I didn’t have much else to do, so thought I would get as much exercise as I could.

It gets quieter and quieter around here.  I saw another RV pull out today.  Some neighbors are leaving next week.  They had an elaborate RV trip planned for Alaska, but that is off.  I think they are going to Montana instead.  We are still “on hold” with our plans. 

Our monthly mail package arrived today.  We use a mail-forwarding service based in Sioux Falls.  That is considered our permanent address.  Each month I instruct them where and when to send the mail.  It works out very well (except for that one horrible experience last year in Ohio).  The arrival always brings a flurry of excitement, but today’s “flurry” lasted only about 5 minutes as there was not much inside.  Maybe next month…

There has not been any activity on the lot behind us for several days.  They may need to wait until the soil dries, after our heavy rains. 

The afternoon was spent reading.  I finished one book, and am halfway through the second!

DINNER:  Healthy and tasty:  I sauteed some mahi mahi fillets, trying to sear the outsides and keep the insides fairly rare.  Sides were rice pilaf and creamy broccoli.  If we hit the road anytime soon, I have a lot of food in the freezer that needs to be dealt with – will not fit in the Airstream freezer. 

BOOK:. “Cold, Cold Heart” by Tami Hoag.  I have read some of her books before.  Her books are about solving some gruesome crime.  4 stars out of 5

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