Swimming in the Rain!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Overcast.  Off-and-on rain.  High 85

Just Swimming in the Rain…..not Singing in the Rain!!

It stormed during the night – the lightning put on quite a show!  We got some much-needed rain.

By mid-morning, the storms had stopped so I went to the swimming pool for water aerobics.  As we started our first class, the skies opened up and it poured!  We figured we were already wet, so continued swimming.  We watched the skies for lighting, and it seemed safe.  Kind of fun!

Wishful thinking, perhaps…..I spent some time this afternoon making fire-starters for campfires – hoping that we will hit the road soon.  All year, I save up used toilet paper cardboard rolls and laundry lint.  I stuff the lint into the rolls and dab in a little Vaseline.  They are great to get a campfire going. 

This pulmeria is growing in our neighbor’s yard, and is finally starting to bloom.  Our neighbor planted it on our border so we can both enjoy it.  It is also called frangipani.  It is the flower used to make leis in Hawaii.  We are about the same latitude as Hawaii, so it should do well here.

I saw this Facebook post which shows just how far South we are.  The red counties are considered “The Valley”, or “Rio Grande Valley” or “RGV”.  Texas is a BIG state!

Another photo popped up as a Facebook memory.  This was from 4 years ago.  This was during our Australia  housesitting trip.  We were in a town called Moolalah  (We liked saying that) –  It was in the mountains near the Sunshine Coast. This cat shed a lot, and George discovered she actually liked being vacuumed! 

Here is our route during the 5-month housesitting assignment trip. Australia is roughly the same size as the continental USA.

DINNER:  Two salads.  First was a caprese salad, to use some of our fresh basil.  The second was called a Lemon Grilled Chicken in Bulgher Salad, but it wasn’t really a salad.  But — it was really good.  A nice change of pace.  I saw the recipe in a magazine called “Clean Eating”.  It is simple to make:  For about 30 minutes, marinate boneless chicken breasts or thighs in a plastic bag with a lot of lemon juice, pizza peppers, and cumin.  Then, grill.  Meanwhile, make bulgher according to the package directions.  I boiled some vegetable broth, added the bulgher, and then let it sit for 7 minutes, fluffing it up.  To serve, add some lemon zest, slivered almonds, and the diced chicken.  Top with fresh mint, salt, and pepper

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