Happy Memorial Day!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:   Not quite as hot.  Overcast.  85

It was a pretty low-key Memorial Day.  Our neighbors decorated their front piece of landscape with flags and lights for the holiday weekend.

One couple in the village had an open house/BBQ, but we didn’t go…..a little leery about a grouping of 30+ people with potluck. 

Instead, I did chair yoga and water aerobics classes.  George started a new project.  We have a very ugly, leaning utility box in our backyard.  When we bought the lot, we tried to get them to at least level the thing, but the utility company would not do it.  We have planted oleanders around it to try to camouflage it, but it is still an eyesore.  So, George started making an enclosure for it.

The wood just sits on the cement, and is not permanent, as we need to allow access to the utility company.  He will stain the wood and add some decorative wood pieces on top.

Then, busy boy that he is, he made a nice charcoal fire.  He cooked some bacon and chicken for future recipes, and warmed up ribs for tonight.

DINNER:  BBQ’d ribs, sauteed cabbage, and tator tots.

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