TGIF! (although it doesn’t matter…..)

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Sunny.  High 93

The air conditioning in the exercise room got fixed, so we were able to do regular chair yoga, not HOT yoga.  Wearing masks, though, is rough.  I’m afraid it is not too healthy to breathe in one’s expelled breath.  What to do?……

The morning whizzed by with yoga and water aerobics.  The afternoon was more quiet – both of us reading most of the day.  We watched a Mexican crew place the batterboards in preparation for laying the cement – for the house they are building behind us.  It is sweet – they bring their two young sons, who sit in the shade and help occasionally. 

This Facebook memory popped up from 2 years ago.  It is from under the English Channel – in the Chunnel.  We had been housesitting in SW England, and had a flight to Bordeaux, France for our next assignment.  We received an email from the airlines telling us that our flight had been canceled due to a traffic controllers’ strike.  The train was unreasonably expensive, so we took a bus.  A LONG bus-ride – 24 hours.  Here, the bus drove into a train-car, and then the “train” moved from England to France.  It was very interesting.  This is our goofy driver…

I know a lot of people have tossed their cookbooks and rely on recipes from the internet.  I have kept a few cookbooks that I dearly love, and searched through recipes last week, before grocery shopping.  I found this recipe that looked good, and tried it out tonight – see below

DINNER:  Kale frittata with roasted garbanzo beans.  Side was a French baguette.  The bakeries here in the Rio Grande Valley mostly offer sweet, Mexican pastries.  I have not found anywhere to buy good French bread, so I buy the “take and bake” loaves which turn out very well. 

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