Giving the Old Body a Workout

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Another scorcher.  Sunny.  High 98

Today I joined an online yoga class taught by the instructor who taught here in Retama BC (Before Coronavirus).  I did the class via zoom.  The teacher is bilingual and some of the other online students are Spanish-speaking, so she went back and forth between English and Spanish.  Really cute and interesting.

After yoga was 2 classes of water aerobics, so I was pretty whipped.  I also did laundry at the clubhouse, so made several back and forth walks in the blazing sun.   A good work-out day!

There wasn’t too much work accomplished on the lot behind us today.  They delivered a load of batterboards that will frame the forms for pouring concrete. 

DINNER:  I used up some more of the special morel mushrooms our daughter had sent us.  Based on a recommendation from my cooking guru brother, I served them sauteed in a bed of buttery pasta.  Excellent!  Sides were a romaine salad with surprisingly good tomatoes (often hard to find) and steamed peas. 

BOOK:  “Bertie Plays the Blues” by Allistair McCall Smith.  This is the author that wrote the African lady detective series.  Now back in his Scotland home, he has written a series of books about life in Edinburgh.  The books are actually a collection of his newspaper stories.  I feel like my vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar improve after I absorb some of his impeccable English writing…with a touch of Scottish.   5 stars out of 5.

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