The Day Started Out with A Bang!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Thunderstorms in the AM; partly cloudy and muggy in PM.  High 80

We woke up to a huge thunderstorm – lightning and thunder all around us.  We got about 3 inches of rain in a short period of time, creating flood zones in other parts of the neighborhood.  We are high and dry, thankfully.

Sad news…the storm headed east from here, and hit nearby South Padre Island (where we were earlier this week) really hard.  A lighting strike created a huge fire at a beach condo.

It was storming during my water aerobics classes, so I missed swimming today.  The clubhouse has been re-opened, so we checked it out….

We played a few games of pool.  We tied 2-2 (only because George scratched the 8 ball)…

We received a very thoughtful gift in the mail from my aunt and uncle who live in Grande Praire, Alberta.  While doing some pandemic spring-cleaning, they came across some piano sheet music that my mother had played as a young teenager (if I did my math correctly).  My mother was born and grew up near Edmonton, Alberta (so obviously a Canadian).    This song  “God Bless America” must have been a big hit, popular outside of the USA, too.  The cover says that it was composed by Irving Berlin and was first performed by Kate Smith on Armistice Day, 1938. 

I practiced playing it at the clubhouse. In these times of woe, it was nice to play a patriotic song…

We invited another couple for wine, pate’, and a French baguette for a light supper.  She brought a delicious caprese salad.  She is German; he is British.  If all goes as planned (but who knows), we will be on a cruise together around the Mediterranean in November.  We have a fairly large table, and can seat guests on the far side of the table, so we can keep our 6-feet social distancing when we entertain. 

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