An escape from cabin fever

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: The usual – mostly sunny.  High 92

Today was a fun outing!  After swimming and lunch, we took off for South Padre Island, about 70 miles from here.  We just felt that we needed to get out for a safe break.

Since I haven’t left our village for awhile, I was astounded to see how high the crops have grown.  They really liked our two rains.  The corn and sugar cane plants near us were quite high.  We drove on some backroads as we got closer to the island,  through a lot of farmland.  We saw potatoes, cotton, and green onions growing very happily.

We really did not know what to expect on the island.  Right in the middle of its normally-packed spring break season, the bridge to the island was closed to keep people (and their virus) out.  They are reopening with baby steps.  Masks are still required in shops.  Most of the restaurants seem to be curbside only. 

We went to a popular beach bar as we knew they have showers and a parking lot.  The bar was closed, except for limited take-out.  We passed by the people and walked along the beach until we found a quiet place to ourselves.  Right around the bar it was a bit crowded, but the groups seemed to be family units.  The bar’s beach umbrellas had been placed at least 6 feet apart along the beach. 

The bar is building a new fishing pier that will have another bar on it.

George swam a bit, and I got my feet wet.  The water was a perfect temperature. 

We stopped at another beach bar that is brand new.  It is huge, and met our requirements – wide open space with not many people. 

On one side was the Gulf and the other side was the hotel’s swimming pool.  The garage doors were open and the breeze was lovely.

I think it was a great mental health day, and we managed to stay safe, and away from people. 

Our daughter works at Mayo Clinic and sent us an update….  Now, in addition to face masks, employees must wear protective safety glasses….

DINNER:  A Chinese theme tonight….The appetizer was lightly fried tofu cubes in a soy/ginger sauce.  The main was Chinese beef and broccoli, using the steak left over from our morel/steak dinner the other night.  Here is the recipe.  I modified it a bit as the steak was already cooked, but rare.  I also added mushrooms and onions.  I served it over rice sprinkled with sesame seeds.

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