The “Project” Begins…..

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Stormy last night.  Overcast and cool all day.  High 70

We had a bang-up thunderstorm during the night.  Hard rain, fierce winds, thunder, and lightening.  We felt safe and sound inside the tiny house. 

During a walk in the neighborhood, I noted palm fronds scattering the grounds, whipped down from the winds. 

It was still cool-ish (68)  at 10:45, the time for water aerobics class.  Since it had stopped storming, I thought I would give it a go.  I was the only one who showed up.  I did the 2 classes by myself.   Wimps!  🙂

Another Facebook memory popped up…..This was taken 5 years ago at the Sydney, Australia train station.  We were on our way to a housesitting assignment in the mountains outside of the city.  We took this photo to show that this is all the luggage I had for our 9-month trip.  I just HATE hauling around big suitcases – so I don’t!

George started his new project today – replacing 7 floor tiles that have small cracks in them.  We had noticed 5 tiles with tiny, hairline cracks.  We weren’t too concerned as they are not in “high traffic” areas.  Then, the other day while George was here alone, he heard some really loud noises.  He couldn’t figure out where they came from.  Now we think they were the sounds of more tiles cracking.  George called around to find out where our builder got the tiles, and went there to buy some.  They had only 7 tiles left (just what we needed) so he got them free!  Replacing the tile is hard work.  Today, he started with 2 tiles that are most visible….

DINNER:  A nod to Japan tonight……First were two appetizers – hiyayako and edamame.  Hiyayako is a popular Japanese summer dish.  It is simply chilled cubes of firm tofu that have marinated a short time in a soy-based sauce.  The sauce calls for mirin (rice wine), soy sauce and ginger.  I didn’t have any mirin on hand, so substituted a bit of sake and a tiny pinch of sugar.  Very tasty.  The edamame are soybeans, still in their pods, boiled a few minutes from their frozen state.  Served sprinkled  with coarse salt.  Yummy!  Main course was grilled ahi tuna steak with long-grained rice.  A bit of sake on the side….

We headed over to some neighbors’ house for their Saturday night Jimmy Buffet “concert”.  It was a small crowd tonight – just the hosts and us.  We had popcorn and margaritas.  Go parrotheads! 

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