Panic mode

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot. 99.  Quite windy.  Storms predicted for tonight

We sat outside on the driveway savoring our morning coffee while watching the hummingbirds flit in and out of our bushes.  They like this one….

George biked over to the Airstream for his exercise routine.  I got involved with the internet, and suddenly realized that it was past time for the water aerobics class.  I panicked, threw on my swimsuit, and rushed out the door.  I decided to drive the pick-up as I was already late.  I jumped in, started down the driveway, and then got stuck!  The neighbors directly in front of our house who were sitting in their driveway were waving frantically at me.  I finally realized that I was running over the lawn chairs that we had left outside!  I had to back up as one of the chairs was caught under the wheel.  Then, I rushed to the class, forgetting my sunglasses and water.  I don’t know why I do things like this.  Being late to a class should not be a crisis!

Another Facebook memory popped up today.  These photos are from a housesitting assignment we had in rural Brittany, France 3 years ago.  We took care of 21 chickens.  Here we are feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs.  This is the assignment where the owners named their new baby lambs Karmen and George after we left.

Our friends from Nova Scotia contacted us today with an update on the Canadian border.  It looks like we will postpone our trip with hopes to do it in summer 2021.  I spent some time cancelling the campground reservations I had previously made.  Now to Plan B…..whatever that is….

DINNER:  More chicken legs!  They keep hiding in the freezer!  I baked these and served with a sweet potato, roasted asparagus, and a sauted onion/mushroom mix. 

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