Life at the swimming pool

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Partly cloudy.  High 92

Lots going on in the swimming pool area today.  Now that I am responsible for the sign-up sheets, I had to walk to and from the pool in the morning as I received texts from swimmers asking me to add their names or delete them from  the class rosters.  We think we can get in a routine by next week, and I may be able to discontinue this responsibility. We just want to be very careful to follow the rules, so that we do not lose the privilege of keeping the pool open.

While we were waiting for the class, one friend decided to clean up an area of spilled orange soda.  (The housekeeping staff have been pretty scarce during the pandemic.)  She opened the cupboard under the outdoor kitchen sink in search of a brush, and she encountered an opossum in its cozy home!  It must be opossum season as there have been many seen, captured, and released far away from here.  One neighbor has a nice vegetable garden with all kinds of guards to keep them out.  However, her security camera has caught 7 so far eating her veg in the last few weeks.

Then, while we were swimming, a big helicopter hovered over the village for about an hour.  It appeared to be only a few feet above our houses.  We have Border Control helicopters going over all the time, but this one seemed bigger.   Some speculated that it is ICE helicopter.  I joked that the helicopter crew were just trying to get a look at the swimming babes.  🙂

I love these Facebook memories.  This must have been a busy time for me posting in the last few years.  Today, 2 memories popped up.  This was from Venice, Italy from 2 years ago, after our cruise.  I imagine this square, packed then with tourists, is now virtually empty….

Then, last year at this time, our daughter Alexis and I were finishing up our housesitting assignment in Lake Chapala, Mexico.  Every town in Mexico has these neat signs with their names.  This was from the town next to ours – Ajijic.

George played grill master this afternoon.  On our last shopping spree, we had bought some ribs.  He did a dry rub, then smoked them for quite a while.  While he had a nice fire going, I had him cook the poblano peppers and red peppers, too, so they would last longer.  We also grilled some jalapenos for an appetizer.  It was quite a production!

DINNER:  Appetizer was cheese-filled jalapeno peppers.  Much better than what you get in a restaurant, since we grilled them instead of frying them.  I filled them with a tasty mix – cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and Worcestershire sauce.  Main course was the ribs and  a cheesy broccoli/mushroom mix.  George put that on a baked potato.  I passed on the potato (trying to watch my waistline)

BOOK: “Dreams of Joy” by Lisa See.  I think the author is a protege’ of Amy Tan.  I have read several of her books, all stories about Chinese women.  Although it is fiction, it is based on real life.  This book was about an American-born Chinese young woman who goes back to Red China during the Mao years.  4 stars out of 5.

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