Venturing out…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Same ole. same ole.  High 98.  Sunny

We hope these nice, cool mornings will continue.  We like to sit outside with our morning coffee.  This morning we watched hummingbirds zip in and out of this bush (I don’t know what it is called).

Later this morning,  we ventured out for an outing.  George had to get some equipment from a hardware store.  (Not sure how essential that is but he believed so). 

On our way, we stopped at a cafe for breakfast, as our cupboards were bare.  We sat outside to minimize contact.  The restaurant was not very crowded, and we had the outside patio to ourselves.  The few customers they had all wore masks.  The staff had masks and gloves, too and seemed to be spending most of their time wiping things down with cleansers.  We enjoyed a nice panini breakfast sandwich.

Then, on to a fruit and vegetable specialty store.  We like going here, as compared to a regular supermarket because their produce is better and it is less crowded.  They, too, are still taking things very seriously.  There are lines on the floor directing foot traffic.  I overheard a staff meeting where the boss was instructing them about cleaning and masks.  All the customers wore masks.  I think the signs posting  mask-wearing requirements  are down, but everyone is still following that regime.  We bought enough food for 2 weeks.  It is a LOT of fruit and veg.

Two sets of Facebook memories popped up today.  I enjoy them so much as they substitute (a tiny bit) for traveling itself.

This was taken last year at the housesitting assignment in Lake Chapala, Mexico.  It was a longer assignment than most, about 6 weeks.  George left after 4 weeks, and daughter Alexis (in the photo) joined me for the last 2 weeks.  Here we are at a microbrewery with some friends of our homeowner.

The second Facebook photo was taken two years ago when we took a cruise around Italy and Croatia.  This was between housesitting assignments and a rendezvous with our friends from Nova Scotia.  We walked up the hill from the port in Dubrovnik and took this photo of the town below and our cruise ship (with sails).

I did my 2 daily water aerobics classes today. Apparently, my hair was parted differently, as several of the women commented on my haircut (compliments of George). In their words….”What the hell happened to your hair???!!!”

DINNER:  While shopping today, we spotted fresh halibut in the seafood section for $5.99/portion. So we bought some for tonight’s dinner.  I sauteed the filets in butter – searing the outside and keeping the inside rare.  Sides were lots of vegetables – arugula and tomato salad, and asparagus.    We also had a long-grain/wild rice blend.  Halibut is our favorite fish. 

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