Cheeseburger in Paradise!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Villlage, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Each day seems the same – beautiful early morning, then hot and sunny in PM.  90

We sat outside again enjoying our morning coffee.  This beautiful Baltimore Oriole perched on our  palm tree..

The highpoint of the day was an evening Jimmy Buffet concert.  During this pandemic, he has been broadcasting snippets of  various concerts he has given around the world on  This Retama Village resident is a real fan, so he sets up his TV on his driveway and invites people to stop by, as long as they sit 6 feet from each other.

About 5 couples showed up with their lawn chairs.

I even got a little wild and crazy with one of the songs….

We went to a Jimmy Buffet concert in the 80s when we were living in Gainesville, Florida, Jimmy’s home.  It was a riot – full of parrotheads!

DINNER:  Cheeseburgers in Paradise, of course!  Since we needed to rush dinner a bit to get to the concert, I just warmed up some hamburgers George had grilled a few weeks ago.  I topped them with bacon and cheese.  Fattening but good!

Just as I was getting ready to go to bed, I checked Facebook one last time (for some inspirational news – haha). A neighbor who is now at his summer home in Iowa posted a photo that his security camera had caught of a man walking around his house. He asked if anyone recognized this man. So, I bravely walked across the street to check it out. It turns out that the wind was turning on the owner’s security light, and this other neighbor was checking it out. I sent an email to the owner who was appreciative of having neighbors watching out for each other.

BOOK:. The Library Book by Susan Orlean..  This is a non-fiction story about the world’s greatest library fire – the Los Angeles Public Library.  It weaves in and out of history – about the various librarians who worked there, the history of the building itself, and the story behind the suspected arsonist.  4 stars out of 5. 

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