Never a dull moment….(or actually there are some dull moments)

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Absolutely beautiful morning.  Cool – 60s. Sunny in PM.  90

We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets here in Retama Villlage.  This morning, a cold (cool) front came in and the sunrise was spectacular…. 

It was so nice that we turned off the A/C and sat outside enjoying our coffee.  People walked and biked by and everyone asked about the Airstream.  We are glad she is in under a porthome roof. 

Facebook popped up more memories today.  This was the cruise ship we took two years ago between housesitting assignments.  We had a great time, and are now enjoying these “armchair travels” via Facebook memories.

Unlike many people, I don’t normally shop online.  However, I had seen a rug advertised on Facebook that was heavily discounted and thought it might look good in the Airstream. I was anxious to see how it looked in person.   This afternoon, when the Fed Ex truck stopped in front of our house, I practically tackled the delivery man carrying the rug because I was so excited.  Good thing he was wearing a mask! 

We took it down to the Airstream to see how it looks.  I selected this particular rug because of the teal color.  I am trying to use teal as an accent color – pillows, plates, glasses. 

Overall, I am pleased with it.

DINNER:  Crab linguine.  Alright, it was fake crab, not the real McCoy.  And, it was spaghetti noodles, not linguine.  And it was cream cheese, not mozerella.  One has to make do!  Weeks ago, I had bought some of that fake crab meat.  It is very versatile.  We ate it a lot when we lived in Japan.  I froze some, and pulled it out of the freezer today.  The crab linguine recipe was on the package, and I just ad-libbed.  It actually was pretty good.  I added some artichoke hearts, too, to get in some vegetables. 

BOOKS: I finished  “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones.  If you are looking for a light, up-beat book, do not read this.  It is the story of a young, up-and-coming black couple whose lives fall apart.  Very well-written.  5 stars out of 5

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