Just no end to the excitement today….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Another hot one.  High 90.  I heard today that the month of April here has averaged 10 degrees above normal.  (And I thought the heat was just me!)

Today was chock-full of excitement.  Where do I  begin…..

First, we moved the Airstream to a porthouse a few blocks from our house.  The owners, gone for the season,  gave us permission to park in their driveway, to keep the sun off the Airstream.  Since we will be here another 2-4 weeks, it will be nice to have it in the shade.  This driveway is quite long, and George had no problem backing it in….

Attendance at water aerobics is picking up.  I think more people now are feeling safer about getting out.  We have to watch the 10-person maximum rule, though.  We moved the class from noon (winter schedule) to 10:00 because it is too hot to swim at noon.  I thought I would never utter such words!

Since it looks like I won’t be getting to a beauty shop any time soon, I asked George to trim my bangs.  Whereas it usually takes my hairdresser about 30 minutes to carefully and slowly cut my hair, George did the job in about 2 minutes . whack, whack, whack, done!    We did it outside, so I couldn’t see what he was doing.  A bit scary!

Here are the before and after looks….

The  day still wasn’t over…more excitement to come.  We went to some friends’ house for happy hour and to see their new house.  They just moved from one of the port homes to a “real” house.  This happens a lot in Retama.  People’s lifestyles change and they move around.  Some couples start out like us – with a coach house and an RV.  After living here a few years, they decide to “move up” to a casita or port home – still using their RV in the summers, but staying here longer in the winters.  Then, some decide to bid goodbye to the RV lifestyle and settle down.  They like it here, so they either build a new “regular” home or buy a used one.  This is what our friends here did – coach house>port home>regular house.  We sat on their screened in patio (away from mosquitos) and enjoyed a hummingbird show on their feeders.  Fascinating!

DINNER:  Leftover Sheperd’s pie.  Out of lettuce, I made a salad with tomatoes and fresh basil from my pot. 

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