Saying good-bye to neighbors

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Sunny.  High 85

Our lovely backdoor neighbors left this morning.  They are headed to Edmonton, Alberta. 

They didn’t get too far…..They parked on the street in order to hook-up their jeep that they pull.

When they got ready to leave, the stairs (on a motor) on their motorhome would not retract.  Steve worked for quite a while on them.  They finally were able to leave.  We will miss them – especially for evening happy hours across the fence!

Facebook popped up another memory photo this morning….This was from 2 years ago in Belgium where we rented an Air B&B with our Nova Scotia friends Tony and Jenny.  We have connected with them camping all over the USA and Canada, and this time it was in Europe!  This photo was taken at a famous brewery, supposedly making the best beer in the world,  made by Trappist monks.

A few readers have asked me about our photo art project.  We did it on the cheap.  The frames are simple ones purchased at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  (We do not patronize that store any more).  We just place the photos where we want them on the mat that came with the frames,  then tighten up the backing.  No need for glue or any matting.  It fits tightly enough so that the photos stay in place.

We received our monthly mail packet today.  It is always a bit like Christmas when it arrives.  For anyone interested in a mail-forwarding service, we highly recommend Dakota Post, based in Sioux Falls.  Each month we instruct them where to send the mail, and the date.  It works beautifully.  We have told them to toss the junk mail, so we don’t get too much.  In any case, it is always fun to open it up.

DINNER:  Tonight, a nod to southern cooking.  I sauted some beautiful, fairly large shrimp in a butter and garlic sauce.  Then, I fried up some okra (really sinful, I know).  To use up Sunday’s leftover grits, I stirred in an egg and some parmesan and baked them in a ramekin.  It came out like a souffle.  Really good! 

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