Happy Birthday to George!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Not as hot.  Quite pleasant in the AM.  High 85

We enjoyed our Sunday morning rituals – CBS Sunday Morning while eating a southern-type breakfast of eggs, cheesy grits, and bacon.  I think this might be the 5th Coronavirus Sunday?  Hard to keep track.

George received a lot of kind Facebook Happy Birthday wishes, and we enjoyed a Skype call with our friends Tony and Jenny from Nova Scotia.  Here is their silhouette in front of their R-pod camper, lovingly called the TaJ-Me-Haul…..

We talked about summer plans.  We decided not to make any decisions until the end of May or so.  We will either do a modifed version of our original plan (Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, New England, Nova Scotia, Labrador) with them if the situation improves, or do something different on our own like Colorado, Montana, northern Minnesota.  We will see. 

Then, a Zoom call with our daughter Alexis in Minnesota.  She helped George get some new apps set up on his phone – one for taking his pulse, and other medical assessments.

Then…..party time!

We had sent out a notice on the Retama Village Facebook inviting people to stop by, bringing a wine glass, to celebrate George’s birthday pandemic-style. 

He donned a bandana mask and gloves and poured wine to friends who stopped by.

About 50 people came.  It was so nice, and not even blisteringly hot! 

Feeling quite inclusive, he even bought a bottle from a winery called Trumpeter!  🙂

People cleared out in time for us to watch 60 Minutes, then Call the Midwife – to continue our Sunday rituals.

DINNER:  George grilled Hatch Pepper brats on the grill (something he had picked up randomly while shopping one time).  They were quite tasty.  I served them with cheesy mashed potatoes and a Mexican zucchini.  All quite good, but not very diet-friendly. 

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