Armchair traveler…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Not quite as hot.  94.  (Every little degree counts!)

We are having a few gardening woes.  Yard service is included in our HOAs.  The gardeners, however, sometimes get a little carried away, and used the weed-eater this week on some of the vines we are trying to grow on our back fence.  And, we are trying to figure out what is going on with our water.  Our last bill showed our monthly water usage at 17,000 gallons – as compared to our neighbor’s at 5000.  We must have a leak in the irrigation system.  So, George spent some time mulching around the baby vines and doing some detective work around the irrigation areas  for the two problems.

Our neighbors spent the day at South Padre Island and asked us to watch their darling, elderly dog while they were away.  We love Sabastian…

We tried to have a Zoom call with our daughter, but the technology was frustrating this time.  We use George’s hot spot on his phone.  Sometimes the wifi is weak, and we have to put the phone in the doorway to strengthen the reception….

Today my Facebook was busy reminding me of housesitting trips we had taken on this very day a fews years ago. 

First, I got this Facebook memory – from last year in Lake Chapala, Mexico.  The town where we were staying – Jocotopec – is famous for its birria – a kind of mystery meat stew. 

On this day in 2016, we were in Australia.  This was at a llama farm in Tasmania…

And, in April 2017, we were housesitting in a drop-dead beautiful location in Abruzzo, Italy.  This shows the map, and the view from our swimming pool.  No one in the area spoke English – it was a great experience!

DINNER:  Finishing up a day of international travel……Leftover cassoulet.  Cassoulet is a bean/sausage/chicken dish, famous in southern France where we have a boat canal cruise lined up for October.  I had made this for a get-together of the neighbors who are hopefully going together on this cruise.  I decided it had been in the freezer long enough.  If/when we do have a get-together to plan our trip, I will make a new batch.  Side was a take-and-bake French baguette. 

PBS showed a newer theatric version of “Sound of Music”. It wasn’t Julie Andrews, but it was still good.

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