Artwork in a tiny house…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Overcast.  High 85

Since we sit in our main room (kitchen/dining/living area) all of the time, we are starting to get tired of our artwork. 

On the main wall, we have pictures of some of our housesitting experiences all over the world.  We went through photos today to select new ones. We are going to change that  wall up later this week…..more to come on that.

On the far wall, we have Japanese prints.  We will keep them up.  Photos to come on another post. (I don’t want to cram in so much excitement in just one post — thinking of readers’ blood pressures!) haha

In our bedroom, we have 3 water color paintings over our bed.  We won’t change them either. 

Two years ago, we did a housesitting assignment in rural Brittany, France through  We took care of 3 cats and 21 chickens.  When the homeowner returned from her trip, she bought some baby lambs, and named them after us – Karmen and George .  Here we are…..

Here is Karmen now – she (my namesake) just had another litter.  (Do you call it a litter?)  Karmen is now a grandmother.

The other two are the homeowner’s sketches of the chickens we cared for

It cooled down in the evening, thanks to a nice breeze.  We sat outside for a bit enjoying evening cocktails. 

DINNER:  Salmon burgers.  They sell these in the store pre-made, but I make them myself as it is cheaper and easy to do.  I use a can of salmon (the cheapest) and make a burger with panko bread crumbs, diced pickle, egg, and mayo.  I then just cook the burger like you would do a hamburger.  To jazz it up a bit, I layered it with some thin-sliced smoked salmon.  Side was arugula salad, and roasted asparagus. 

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