Christmas in the Jungle?

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  HOT!  Like a jungle!  100 and very high humidity

I did my weekly yoga session at my friend’s house – in her covered driveway.  I was sweating like a pig afterwards.  (I wonder where that expression came from?).  We have been doing yoga via Zoom for the last 3 weeks.  The teacher teaches us from her home-based yoga studio.  It was cute today – her brand-new puppy somehow sneaked into the yoga room and was getting into mischief and barking while she was trying to calmly tell us what yoga pose to strike.

The swimming pool felt wonderful for aerobics classes afterwards.

I pride myself in hardly ever having to throw away food.  During this pandemic, I have only gone grocery shopping about every 2.5 weeks, so I have had to buy a lot of fruit and veg each time.  So far, nothing has had to be tossed.  We eat a lot of salad right after grocery day, then the rest of the veg the following week, and then when we are really running low, we switch to frozen stuff.  Leftovers from dinners convert to George’s lunches.  Virtually no waste.  BUT – I goofed with the bread.  I totally forgot we had a half loaf sitting on the counter.  When George went to make a sandwich for lunch today, he was welcomed by a blob of green, ugly bits.  Maybe it will be a cure for the virus?  The humidity has been so high, even in the air-conditioned house, that the mold had had a field day.

We have not done any of the popular food delivery that most other people here are doing.  They have groceries delivered from the supermarket and specialty stores, and have pre-prepared meal kits mailed to their doors.  It just did not seem appealing to me.  But – a wine delivery advertisement caught my eye – six bottles of wine delivered to your door for $10 each with free shipping.  So, we ordered a half case, and it was delivered today!.  It is from Napa Valley, California – can’t wait to try it!

Merry Christmas!

Another exciting event for the day was an invitation for pizza supper at some friends’ house.  Although we did not plan to cruise together, we ended up buying the same cruise around the Mediterranean.  We met tonight (keeping our distances) to discuss the excursions that we want to take at each port.  Each couple had had an assignment of 4 ports to research the best deals.  It was a very nice get-together in their lovely home.  We just hope that we will be able to do the cruise – it is scheduled for October 25 out of Athens.

BOOK:  Since it has been so hot, I have spent many hours indoors the last few days, mostly reading.  I finished “Dead Right” by Peter Robinson.  It is part of a detective series that takes place in north Yorkshire, England where we did a housesitting assignment a few years ago.  4 stars out of 5. 

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