Lazy Sunday

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot and humid.  98

It was a very lazy Sunday.  We watched CBS Sunday Morning while George cooked our traditional Sunday morning breakfast – grits, eggs, and bacon.  (Bacon just for George).

And then….I did absolutely NOTHING the entire day.  It was too hot to go outside, and being Sunday there were no classes.  I am afraid that this is what I have to look forward to if we stay here this summer.  I read a good book all day.  And that is about it!

I am going to start posting memories that pop up on Facebook.  This one popped up today from 5 years ago.  We were camping in Durango, Colorado.  A snowstorm came through during the night.  We woke up to this beauty….

We really liked Durango and would like to return.  We stayed at an RV park on the edge of town that was on the bus route, so we could easily get into town without driving.  (A good thing since we visited a lot of microbreweries).  Also, a tourist train went through the RV park twice a day and it was fun waving to the passengers.  While there, we participated in a Durango clean-up day – when mostly young people spent the day together picking up trash.  They were amazed that we (old people and not local) would volunteer.  We were on teams, with a contest for the team that picked up the most.  Afterwards, we all had lunch together.  They were mostly college kids, and really nice.  Another fun thing we did in Durango was to participate in a downtown wine-tasting fund-raiser.  They gave us glasses and we meandered from shop to shop looking at their wares and tasting wine and nibblies.  Overall, Durango was on our top 10 list.

One of the residents had a birthday today.  To celebrate, he posted on our village Facebook page, that he would put out a cooler of beer and everyone was invited to stop by and pick up one.  It was a fun way to celebrate, keeping our social distance…

DINNER:  A nod to Merrie Olde England:  Shepard’s Pie.  Sometimes called Cottage Pie.  I made a hamburger/vegetable mix with leftover carrots and onions and frozen peas.  I put the mixture in a Pyrex pan and covered it with a layer of cheesy mashed potatoes.  It turned out quite well, mate!

We watched my very favorite show on PBS – the BBC show “Call the Midwife”.  PBS is such a life-saver. On Saturday night, we watched the delightful Broadway musical “Kinky Boots” which we had seen advertised in London theatres many years ago.  If we come out of this pandemic with any money left, I will donate to PBS!

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